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Published Sep 25, 19
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Be sure to add information to let new patients know your process, pricing, and set expectations. Take time to look through your website to see if your content answers questions that patients have about your services. As you build content on your site, you should balance between using keywords to get found in search engines while writing in a voice that your audience will understand.

You can take on common questions that people are asking in your area, like:What’s the best toothbrush for sensitive teeth? How often should I floss? How long should I brush my child’s teeth? How can I prevent cavities around Halloween? Does charcoal really help whiten teeth? Think about the type of dental services you offer and start off your dental marketing strategy by collecting questions that your patients frequently ask you.

8. Remarketing For Interested Prospects, Your office staff should collect information about your customers for excellent customer service, and you can apply this same approach to help your practice engage interested patients online. This is called remarketing, and you can use this marketing plan to grab readers who showed interest in your services but did not book an appointment.

This is where remarketing comes into play since there is a lot of research that goes into selecting a dental practice. Remarketing is a vital part of your marketing plan because it allows even small dentist offices to narrow down who their ideal client is. You can remarket to specific visitors who did not book an appointment with you based on their location, content they viewed on your site, and other qualifiers.

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Content Marketing For Your Dental Office, Your dental practice relies on getting found online and building a relationship with your audience before they trust you enough to call and book an appointment. This process can take some time from when they first find you when they schedule an appointment, so content marketing is a great way to get found online.

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This approach to marketing will help you rank in search engines, and you can build a strong relationship with potential patients as they see first-hand that you are the go-to for their dentistry needs. Here are some dental marketing ideas that you can use to get the attention of your ideal audience while also improving search engine optimization.

Build Relationships With Social Media Marketing, At its core, your dental marketing strategy should focus on the needs of your customers and building a relationship with new patients. There is no better way to do this than to create an online community on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.Social media marketing is a powerful approach to advertising even for a small practice.

However, you can use some general types of content to build a content calendar and fill your social media networks, like:. Your team should include inspirational quotes throughout the month. You will find that inspirational quote posts do well with most audiences, and you can cater your quote posts around your target audience..

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You can ask questions like “what’s your favorite movie” and “what is your favorite type of toothpaste” if you want to keep the message on dental hygiene.. These are great posts that encourage your audience to engage with your posts. Typically, these posts will have open-ended questions and your audience will provide their answers to your questions..

You can also cater to these posts to meet your customers- like information about braces, diagnosing pain, etc.. You can make a group of posts into a series. This is a great way to diversify your posting schedule. One example of this is around Halloween you can create a series of posts that give helpful information to parents on ways they can keep their children’s teeth strong even when they are eating lots of candy..

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You can use this type of post content to show trends and interesting information to educate and entertain your audience.. Similar to the previous type of posts, visually compelling stat posts are a great way to show interesting information in an unusual way. You can use this type of content to address concerns around dental hygiene and compel your audience to take action to improve their health and visit your office..

Topics like caring for braces, flossing, and even denture care can be a great source of content for videos that your audience will find interesting and even share with their loved ones. Along with Organic Social Media, your dental office can also use paid social advertising to reach a targeted audience.

Some of the best ways to reach qualified leads are to target geographic areas near your dental office with relevant advertising through social media marketing.Social media is one of the major marketing avenues that businesses all over the world are taking to be able to improve their image and appeal to customers.

The good news is that you probably already a foundation that you can build off of, such as a website or social media channels. You can implement many of these tips on your own. But, if like most busy practitioners, you don’t have the time or staff to do this yourself, consider outsourcing your digital marketing efforts to an agency.

After building your GMB page, you’ll need to optimize your page by filling out each section. Another bonus is that information from your GMB page is automatically synced into Google’s Local Map Pack. This is a listing that groups similar businesses by location and the dental practices located closest to the consumer’s location will rank the highest.

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Your website is usually your practice’s first point of interaction with patients and they will judge your practice based on how your website looks and performs. That’s why website design is so important. You want your practice’s website to be easy to navigate while at the same time, communicating the most relevant information about your services.

Patients want your webpages to load within two seconds or less. A recent report from revealed an average bounce rate of 9% for pages that take three seconds to load and an average bounce rate of 38% for pages that take more than five seconds to load. More than 70% of local searches were conducted on mobile devices and smartphones in the past six months, so make sure that your website is optimized for the mobile experience Your website content should include keywords to make it easy for search engines to find, crawl, index and ranks its pages.

Many people have been Googling the use of activated charcoal as a teeth whitener. Your blog post can discuss the pros and cons of this DIY treatment and recommend teeth-whitening services that your practice offers. Most people are interested in preserving the teeth they were born with. Your blog posts can talk about healthy oral habits and encourage regular dental check-ups.