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Published Jan 07, 20
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Who Is The Best Dental Marketing Ideas For March Company

Most people screen phone calls from numbers they don’t have saved - that’s why text messages perform well for patient communication! Sending patients appointment reminders via text is a great way to maintain a relationship with your existing patient base and not disrupt their day with phone calls. Appointment reminders are beneficial to the patient because it reminds them of the appointment they scheduled 6 months ago, and to your practice because it decreases the risk of appointment no-shows. Additionally, sending reminders to patients to schedule their appointment is an effective way to re-engage with them and make sure they are getting the dental care they need..

Dental practices have a unique advantage over many businesses - they know their customer base is local. Because of the locally based clientele, sending out postcards, brochures and other to a set area around the practice can prove beneficial! Direct mailers can be used to promote a variety of services, including:A new patient special to encourage new patients in the area, Discounts on cosmetic services to target higher-income patients, Your in-house membership plan to attract uninsured patients, Information about you and your practice, especially if you are new to the area, Snail mail is not dead! Doing research on the demographics around your practice can help determine which direct mail strategy is right for you..

These are just a few of your marketing options for your dental practice, but they’ve been proven to work! While marketing your practice can seem overwhelming, the benefits are worth it! Using a combination of strategies that work best for your practice and offering something unique will help your practice grow and increase your new patient numbers. Do you need a little help developing your marketing plan, website, or? Wonderist has the experience to help you! Contact us to set up a consultation to go over your digital marketing needs!

Before we discuss dental marketing ideas, you first need to identify where your practice stands. Schedule a brainstorming session with your staff for a SWOT analysis of your company. What does SWOT stand for?

Which Brand Of Marketing Digital Dental Is The Best?

What Was The Most Popular Dental Marketing Ideas For April?When Are Best Marketing Digital Dental Sales

What are the most common patient complaints? What does your staff seem to struggle with? What are some things you honestly feel you can improve?

Where will your practice growth come from? How can you better market to your target audience? What’s currently happening in your community or region?

Who is your local competition? What do they do better than you? Are there any issues you need to prepare for or defend against? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to choose the best dental marketing ideas for your practice.

Patient referrals and word-of-mouth advertising are still wonderful ways to grow your practice. To compete in today’s marketplace, though, you’ve got to have a professional website. This needs to be the centre of all your marketing efforts. How long ago did you create your website? Does it look dated, or is it modern and trendy? If your site looks outdated, visitors may conclude you have an outdated practice as well. Your website should also be responsive and mobile-friendly. Fifty-two percent of patients access the internet from a smartphone or tablet, so your website should look great on any device. SEO is crucial to your website, as this ensures it ranks high in search results.

Which Brand Of Dental Marketing Ideas For March Is The Best?

What Is The Best Marketing Digital Dental OutWhat Is The Best Dental Marketing Ideas For April Program?

Who are you mainly marketing your practice to — seniors, children, or families? The thought of dental work makes many people anxious, so strive to make your image as friendly and welcoming as possible. Whoever your target audience is, remember that women make 90% of all family health care decisions. Today’s woman is a tech-savvy powerhouse consumer. She wants to make an informed decision for her family. She doesn’t just want a product, she wants a service. Therefore, you should tweak your marketing strategies with today’s female head-of-household in mind. Women generally shop around and do a lot of research before making decisions.

Then explain why your practice is the best choice for her and her family.

What Is The Best Marketing Digital Dental To GetHow To Choose The Best Dental Marketing Ideas For March

You should also engage with your followers by replying to their comments and answering questions. This helps to build trust with your brand and also boosts the credibility of your website.

Other powerful dental marketing ideas involve patient testimonials. Recall that consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Patient testimonials are powerful “social proof” that your practice is as great as you claim it is. Excerpts from written testimonials are a great place to start. For maximum impact, though, you should consider recording a few video testimonials. This may sound daunting or expensive, but it’s neither. Set up a room in your office with good lighting and no background noise. You might also invest in a simple clip-on microphone to ensure good sound quality. When you find a willing patient, set your smartphone on a tripod or other secure surface and press Record.

What Is The Best Dental Marketing Ideas For March To Have

One more thing: Don’t forget to have the patient sign a consent form before you post the video online.

You could also print up some referral cards to hand out at the office.

The best dental marketing ideas include both old and new patients. In your efforts to gain new patients, don’t forget about the ones you already have. Your existing patients are the ones who will refer their friends and family; so, nurture those relationships. A terrific way to do this is through email marketing. Endeavour to get each patient’s email address on their first visit. You should also offer a sign-up option on your website. This will help you build an email database for your newsletter. What might you include in your dental marketing emails? Oral Health Tips Special Offers Monthly Promotions Office News Birthday Greetings Check-up Reminders These emails keep your practice fresh in your patients’ minds.

Successfully marketing your practice requires dedication and ingenuity. These dental marketing ideas are sure to help you attract new patients and grow your business. Are you overwhelmed by the thought of implementing these dental marketing ideas on your own? Don’t worry. You don’t have to do it alone. Click here to learn more about our professional dental marketing services.

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